Published on 05/26/2017 9:34 pm
Most Populas Festivals of India

India is such a country where every day is a celebration. Every day is a festival to some or other. In fact festivals of India show the rich culture and practices of our mother land. They are an integral part of every Indian. All of India celebrate their festival according to their regional customs and motions.

But there is a commonness in all special event that every one commemorates humanity. Some common motions which followed in all most all the festivals are decoration of homes and sacred places, people song and dance activities. Religious festivals have sophisticated prayers followed by some other rites with respect to the region. The celebration and fests of India has their own legend and uniqueness. There are many types of festivals celebrated in India like national, regional, periodic, local and religious. The festivals of india are best way to bring colour in the life. Here is a collection of the top festival of india:

Diwali - 1 of the biggest celebration of Hindus Diwali known as the festival of light. On this auspicious day people illuminate all around their residence with diyas and candles. This event is associated with different fireworks which are incredibly nice things to watch. Diwali is never complete with out exchange of surprise and surprise is exchanged among all near and dear one.

Holi - One more popular festivals of india essay is holi which is considered as the festival of colour. Perhaps the loveliest of festivals across northern India. Holi or Basant Panchami heralds the return of spring. That is the day when all classes of individuals blend up and put coloring to each other. The celebration of holi bring up social harmony and break all social barriers.

ID - ID is celebrated twice 12 months. One is Id - ul - Fitr marking the finish of the month - long fasts of Ramjan. It is celebrated with great feast which is joined by those of other faiths as well. On this big day special dishes are cooked and gifts are exchanged among the dear one. Another id is bakri id which coincides with gross annual Haj.

Christmas - Christ's birthday is also celebrated in India with great zeal and enthusiasm specially in the cosmopolitan cities. Other than decorating trees and shrubs, palm pudding and yule logs, cake and wine beverages people organise Mid evening Mass also.

Carnival - Inside the mid of Feb . each year the three times carnival festival is recognized in Goa. The shorelines and roads become lively with lights and colored. Often extending into week long parades, processions, dances, beach bonfore and local market. Tourists around the globe try to visit Goa within this festival.

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